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September 4, 2020
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Remember that one little tale. One little action can change the trajectory of someone’s life. We may be entertainers or creators but we are truth tellers in our finest form. We create stories that deal with many things but make us think regardless of harsh or comedic. One book. One line. One page. One quote. One video.
It can change someone. So when you’re thinking that maybe what you’re doing doesn’t matter? Think again. It does.
Think how many times this has applied to you. Think of a book. A quote. A movie. A sentence. An image. That changed things for you. Maybe a book inspired an image.
Or an image inspired a book that went on to inspire change in a relationship or career or love.
I can say without a doubt JK Rowling changed my life. I can say that
with her writings I fell in love with reading. I can say without Bob Ross I wouldn’t have grown up painting. I can say without my art teachers, Disney movies, and much more that I wouldn’t have the vivid imagination and desire to create like I do today.
Remember that. Remember those “things” that changed it for us. That put us on a path to something new and amazing.
Now remember your doing that now. You’re creating and you’re impacting.
Through your work. And your fucking amazing for it.


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