“I am so incredibly thankful you have always seen the warrior priestess who lurked beneath, even before I could. These aren’t just pictures. They aren’t even photographs. They are truly a capturing of my essence in a visual storybook. As we were doing the shoot, I could literally feel myself – ALL of myself – coming thru. Fierce warrior, sultry priestess, phoenix rising. I felt awkward at first, “playing dress up” as an adult…but I realize now it wasn’t dress-up…it was simply my soul coming out to play and reminding me where I have been. Plus, it helps that while Regina Wamba BRAND is serious about their work, Regina Wamba HUMAN….is a hilarious, snarky, witty, amazingly amazing woman who totally put me at ease.”

Ava Nicole: Wordsmith, Author & Influencer
Service: Brand Photography

I accidentally stumbled across Regina about a year and a half ago when I got an email from another author. She’s pretty much done my covers ever since then and she’s always able to capture each story beautifully. I swear I’m like a kid a Christmas time every time I get an email from her. It’s not just her art, though, that makes her truly amazing. She’s also a genuinely nice person and really does care that the cover turns out the way that you want it to (although, I usually fall in love with them from the very first take). I consider myself very lucky that I decided to click on the link to her website. So thank you Regina for being the awesome artist and person that you are and for putting up with my insane schedule. You’re like Wonder Woman. Seriously.

Jessica Sorensen: New York Times Bestselling author Service: Book Cover Design & Book Cover Photography

“I had the most beautiful realization this morning when I sat down to meditate. My Higher Self visited me for the first time since doing the photoshoot, and I was absolutely shocked. When I saw her in my mind’s eye as always—her tanned face, the flower tucked behind her ear, the flowing white skirt, and the beautiful golden hair, I started to cry. Somehow, Regina Wamba and all her God given gifts captured this Goddess in a photo. She brought to life what I’ve only ever seen in my mind, and we never even discussed the details of it. She tapped into my Highest essence and transmuted it into a photograph, which held such powerful energy, that when I posted it on my Facebook business page for the first time, it reached over 1000 people ORGANICALLY {I had about 397 page likes at that time}. That is the gift of Regina Wamba. She sees the depths of your soul and she knows exactly how to bring them to the surface in the most beautiful way, for all to see and feel.

Kayla MacArthur: Author & Mindset Coach
Service: Branding Photography

"Whenever I work with Regina, I know I'm in the very best hands. Not only will she give me an artistically beautiful book cover, but she will welcome my input and work collectively with me to produce the best cover possible. She's the best in the business!"

Melissa Brown: Author of Red Carpet Kiss, Wife Number Seven & Champagne Toast
Service: Book Cover Design

Regina has an amazing way of seeing into the heart. I contracted Regina for book covers and, after getting to know me, she recommended that I change them. Although hesitant, I was more than pleasantly surprised. Not only are the new covers beautiful but they reflect me and my style of writing. I have gotten nothing but good feedback because the covers and story within are a perfect marriage. I would highly recommend Regina for photography, covers, and branding. I'm sure you will be as pleased with the results as I have been.

DD Lorenzo: Author of the Depth of Emotion series
Service: Book Cover Design


It was (Photoshoot) freedom and power and clarity that all slammed into me just like the waves we were shooting in. I always talk about owning your throne, claiming your crown, and stepping up into your power as you claim your story...

But then I BECAME the Queen. Fully and completely. I was about to do a re-brand before I left, but felt resistance and now that I have come back I know why...
Because I am meant to build my Queendom! my Empire! And I am meant to OWN this playful, dark, brooding, mystical, royal side of me IN my business.
So, whether it be for your writing, your business, or your life...
give yourself room to play and be open to the unexpected.
You never know where it will take you.

Rocky Callen: Author, Coach & Influencer
Service: Branding Photography