Running a business online opens the door for a lot of opportunities

September 4, 2020
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Running a business online opens the door for a lot of opportunities, friendships, connections, fans,and ways to connect with people. It can help us in the most incredible ways.
But boundaries are hard to determine and are fuzzy in where to draw the
You got into owning your own business for freedom, yet you’re chained to your devices.

Up until about a year ago, I didn’t have boundaries…I’d put everything I did for me on to the side so that I could be there for others.

Willingly. No one forced me.

But I did it with the thought that in this world of helping others I had to do it this way otherwise I was bad and mean and not using my talents for positive.

I know there are lots that feel this way.

Now I have boundaries…healthy ones and they get stronger by the day.

I don’t answer everything right away.
I remove myself from groups not serving me.
I delete people who aren’t serving me.
I hide things I don’t want to see.
I declutter my feed and follow the positive.
Unfollow, block, delete.

I’m learning year by year to follow what makes me feel good…because in me just feeling bad, or guilty?… I don’t respect me, my time, my gifts, my family and my “freedom”.

Is it perfect? No.

Lesson: You don’t have to do everything. You don’t have to be everyone. And you can set time and boundaries for rest, recharge and self-care.

Remind yourself to choose you, your sanity, and your “freedom” a little bit more every day.

And don’t feel guilty for it.


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