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Feelin’ like your enchantment with your magical fantasy book covers is fizzling out?

Something Magical

Fantasy Cover Course

Alright, buckle up, fellow sorcerers of design! I constantly hear my author pals asking, 'Regina, how do I make my fantasy book cover pop next to these detailed wonders?' Well, my friends, it's time to unleash the magic within your Photoshop wand. Picture this: fonts gone wild, color schemes that dance, and a sprinkle of that secret sauce – because, believe me, there's no magic like Book Cover Magic!

Let's face it – a fantasy novel can be a hidden gem, but if the cover's a dud, it's like showing up to a dragon duel armed with a rubber chicken. I've brewed covers with a single focal object and conjured up masterpieces with enough detail to rival a dragon's hoard. Now, I'm here to spill the beans on how to transform your book's magic into a visual spell that'll hook your chosen readers. No mystical mumbo-jumbo, just good old-fashioned design sorcery. So, grab your swords, let's conquer Photoshop, and make those bookshelves shine with enchantment!

Dragons, Royalty, Mountains, and Castles - Stars in the sky, and Mystical shit…

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Tools that will help you move faster

Composition and space

Fonts that are best for telling a Magical story

Color Theory on Fantasy covers

We will specifically be discussing:

Lighting techniques

why it’s important and how it can set the mood of your design

book covers sell books (some of it isn't even designer related, but SUPER relevant!)

Body swaps

How to use Layer Masks to kick ass over and over again

How to do Market Research

Covers that soar VS Covers that flop

A whole fu*%ton of confidence! FFS we need to stop with the Photoshop tuts that literally make our hair gray.

How to swap swords, clothes, …or even faces

My favorite Templates and Resources for Magical covers

Somethin’ Magical is full of everything you need to know to start designing epic and magical best selling covers:

  • Highly intuitive, step by step recorded videos you can watch at any time and practice at your own pace

  • The confidence to slay the dragon known as Photoshop – (whether you’re a newbie squire or a seasoned knight)

  • Several finished cover designs to show off everything you’ve learned AND apply them to actual stories (or sell as pre-mades!)

  • Magical Facebook group of peers that can help with critique and feedback so you’re not slaying alone

  • Bragging rights that you’ve unlocked your own magic to create otherworldly designs – instead of paying hundreds of dollars to have someone else create it (not saying that's a bad thing! but if you're in the mood to LEARN, Be able to handle the magic AND save some money, then LETS GO)

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Sounds Fantastic, i'm in!

Let's make some magic!

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Become a full blown photoshop expert & book cover designer!


I think it is so well organized and easy to understand and follow! I have been working on some personal things I needed to finish (yesterday lol) so I can focus, but I watched/ listened to your welcome and intro video and just in those quick chats you did I've already got notes going about how I can improve on some things i.e. the marketing research you mentioned and the color schemes etc. Thank you for so much info and input! It's all happening


I'm halfway through this week's classes and am beyond thrilled so far - this is exactly the info I needed! I've got a hot guy image I can't wait to start playing with (okay, that sounds weird🤣)


Regina you have your work cut out for you with me. I got photoshop last week for the first time and was trying to make sense of it. I couldn't even figure out how to select a size for my project so imagine my surprise when that was the first thing you taught. I now have every single size template I'll ever need saved. 😂 I loved all of your videos and will spend the week practicing. Thank you for bringing it down to my level.


I already feel like I have a better grasp on how to do this!! THANK YOU for keeping simple for what we need, rather than so many extras!


A Touch of Darkness featured in NY Times Square

Stories of Growth and Success from the Nerd Herd

Words of Praise

Regina Wamba is an award winning New York Times bestselling book cover designer & photographer whose passion for fine art photography, legends and love shows up in her personal work, which leans toward otherworldly, dark and romantic imagery through visual storytelling.

I can’t wait to see you there!!!

xo Regina

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